Comments on the Modesto Roadmen Picturess

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The goal of this site is to display all the pictures we have of the Modesto Roadmen. This has not yet been accomplished, we are still adding pictures. We will edit this text appropriately after we put up everything we've got.

The interesting thing about this website is not how beautiful or complete or well organized or well preserved these pictures are, but that these pictures exist at all. The members of the Modesto Roadmen were teenagers, not particularly interested in photography much less photographic preservation, and the photos you see here sat neglected and ignored for well over 40 years before the boxes of unlabelled, mixed-up, incomplete, scratched, and faded pictures once again had attention paid to them.

The dates of the events these pictures document is not always clear. In some cases, it is not even clear what event was photographed. Some pictures have the date of processing on them, others do not. Where the date of the event is known from other means, that is the date we use. Where that date is not known, the date the pictures were processed is used; the event could have occurred any time earlier than that.

Only pictures that feature the Modesto Roadmen are included here. Some additional pictures we have from the 1960s that we do not plan to post include pictures from David Steffen's bicycle tour with the American Youth Hostels during the summer of 1967 and pictures of bike races in which no Modesto Roadmen were participating. For example, pictures of the Senior race of the 1966 Tour de Graceada are not posted because that year all the Modesto Roadmen raced as Juniors.

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