Members and Associates of the Modesto Roadmen

by David Steffen. Last updated May 14, 2018.

Members of the Modesto Roadmen

Last Name First Name Notes
Brockman Fred President, 1966-1967 (2nd?)
Campopiano John
Cato Melodie
Caylor Gunnar
Combs Gary President, 1967 (4th?)
Cotton Debbie
Cowdrey Jeff
Davis Elizabeth
Dull Stacy President, 1968
Farshon Roger
Haley Alex Worked at Bob's Cyclery
Hanne Larry President, 1967 (3rd?)
Hanshaw Ames
Holmes J.
Hughes Donna
Jewett Gordon
Jewitt Mike
Johnson Neil
Langley Dave
Laws Henry
Leighton Cindy
Mech Karen
Robinson Paul
Rosenow Eldon
Rosenow Robbie
Schraam Richard
Steffen David President, 1966 (1st?)
Tanaka Kimo
Thiemann Curt Presideint, 1969
Tipp Theressa
Woods Tom

Associated Adults

Last Name First Name Notes
Boranian Bob Owner, Bob's Cyclery and Supporter of the Modesto Roadmen
Jackson Robert Downey High Government Teacher and Cycling Club Advisor
Hannah Jean Downey High German Teacher and Cycling Enthusiast
Laws Henry Member and Associated Adult
van Holland "Mister" Coach

Members, Mach Schnell

Mach Schnell was another cycling club in Modesto during the 1960s

Last Name First Name
Haack Mike
Wilcox Art
Zeff Jared