Henry Laws

Henry Laws is the gentleman in the Modesto Roadmen yellow T-shirt with the camera. He is standing in front of Mr. vanHolland in the grey suit. Sadly, we have not yet found a picture of Henry Laws showing his face, but anybody who knew Henry will recognize the physique and the haircut. Besides, this picture shows his loyalty; a grown man wearing our home-made T-shirt.

Henry Laws was a neighbor of David Steffen who took an interest in him. When his attempt to interest David in Boy Scouts failed and instead David, along with his friends Paul Robinson, Tom Woods, and Jeff Cowdrey, formed the Modesto Roadmen on their own, Henry got involved with the that. He purchased a tandem bicycle for him and his wife (a Schwinn Twinn) and when we started including social rides, rode along with us. At first, we indulged him, and didn't initially get what he was doing when he interested the local newspaper in our activities. However, when we got involved in bicycle racing and found out we were expected to "give back" by organizing our own race, we quickly discovered we could not do that without him.

Henry Laws is no longer with us. Rest in peace Henry, nobody earned it more that you did, and hopefully as you rest, whatever the posthumous equivalent is of a "smile on your face" comes to you as you realize that, although we always liked you, now at last, in our old age and the experience that comes with it, we finally appreciate you to the extent you deserve.