Miscellaneous Modesto Roadmen Souvenirs

Click on any picture, then click again on the new picture that comes up, to see it at full size. Unless otherwise noted, all items provided by John Campopiano.

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Poster for the 1997 Tour de Graceada.

Posterfor the 1968 Tour de Graceada. Designed by Jeff Cowdrey. Poster provided by David Steffen.

This T-Shirt was the first Modesto Roadmen garment we had. Jeff Cowdrey designed the logo, figured out how to build a silk screening apparatus out of scrap lumber, a nylon stocking, and white glue. We got each member to donate a plain white T-shirt, David Steffen's mother dyed them with Ritt dye in her washing machine, and then Jeff silkscreened the design on the back with fabric paint. T-shirt provided by David Steffen.

This was a second generation Modesto Roadmen T-shirt. (We also had a jersey.)

A patch from the 1966 Great Western Bike Rally, the second ever held. This patch comes from David Steffen and Paul Robinson remembers him going that year, David does not, but does have the patch. We have no pictures or other records from this event.

Receipt for a bicycle John Campopiano purchased in 1969. He still has it.

Receipt for a trainer John Campopiano purchased in 1969.

A 1969 membership card (front and back) for the Modesto Roadmen. Provided by John Campopiano.

A business card for the Modesto Roadmen. Provided by John.

A patch for the bicycle advocacy organization, the League of American Wheelmen, provided by John Campopiano

A medal John Campopiano won, event unknown.

These last three pictures show the numbers we would pin on the backs of our jerseys when we raced. These three numbers were provided by John Campopiano.