Most of these pictures were processed in September of 1968. I believe that is also the month this race was held. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Tour de Graceada, 1968

by David Steffen

As with the 1967 Tour de Graceada, the person who took the only pictures I have of this race (my Dad?) focused on me to the detriment of a balanced view of the race. The Junior race was completely ignored, and the only Roadman visible in any of the pictures is me. What can I say? These are all the pictures I have got.

This is the first picture taken of the race, and it is of me (David Steffen.) I am by myself and I am obviously pushing hard. Am I trying to rejoin the pack? This picture is taken near the start/finish line.

I would have said that this was the start of the race, but unless the processor mis-numbered the slides, that cannot be. In any case, here I am with a group of riders. I am the rider in the upper right of the picture.

I am the third rider in this group of four.

A picture of three cyclists, none of whom I know.

I am the last rider in this group of three. This and the previous two pictures are taken at the first of four corners on this criterium course.

This is the only picture not from the same set as the rest. It was taken by a friend of my sister and for decades, I had no idea it existed. Recently I have become Facebook Friends with this person and she shared it with be, believing it to be a picture of me (it's not.) It is a picture of the winner of the Senior race, whose name I do not know, the same person shown in the next picture.

The unknown winner of the Senior division of the 1968 Tour de Graceada.