Most of these pictures were processed in September of 1968, the race could have taken place any time earlier than that. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Alta Sierra Bike Race, 1968

by David Steffen

I have absolutely no recollection of this race whatsoever, if it were not for these pictures, I would not have known it had occurred. I have no idea what the name of this race was, I took the name here from a sign in one of the pictures indicating that it took place in Alta Sierra. Judging just from the pictures, Tom Woods rode in the Junior Race and David Steffen in the Senior race. Again, based on the pictures, both got dropped. Why did we go to a race in Alta Sierra? Why Tom and I?

The Junior field getting ready to start. Tom can be seen in the second row of riders. If you count heads, he is the nineth head from the left. He is wearing a white T-shirt.

The Junior field starting. If you look at the rider closest to the camera, Tom is partially obscured, just behind him.

Tom riding by himself. I assume he has been dropped.

The Junior field.

The Senior field just starting. I (David) can be seen mid-field, just to the left of the tree.

Me riding alone, presumably having been dropped. This may be the saddest picture of me that I own.