Scroll to the bottom of the page to see pictures. Most of these pictures were processed in September of 1967, the month this race is believed to have occurred. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Tour de Graceada
September, 1967

by David Steffen

This was my (David's) first race as a Senior rider, which I rode right after returning from my bicycle tour of Europe. It seems that whoever was taking pictures (my father?) only had interest in the Senior race, there are no pictures of the Junior race. Did any Roadmen race as Juniors in 1967? Judging purely from the pictures, there appear to be three Modesto Roadmen racing as Seniors: David, Eldon Rosenow, and a third rider on a blue bicycle who I cannot identify.

Start of the Senior race. Eldon, in a Modesto Roadmen jersey, is third rider from the right. Two over, partially obscured, is a second Roadman I cannot identify.

The Senior pack. No Roadmen are visible in this picture.

The leading rider in this picture is the unidentified Roadman. Two back is David, who can be identified by his long cage derailleur. Immediately behind David is Eldon.

The Senior pack. No Roadmen are visible in this picture.

Eldon and the unidentified roadman are to the far right. It is possible that the rider fourth from the right, largely obscured, is David.

Bob Parsons winning the 1967 Tour de Graceada.