1967 Mountain Loop

The only information we have from this ride is an article published in the Modesto Bee on page B1 of the Monday, 0/11/1967 edition. Thanks to John Campopiano, we have a copy of that article, and both the text and the pictures below come from that copy. Click on either picture to see a scan of the original article. Click on that scan to see it full size.

Michael Haack took the picture of the highway going to Tuolumne Meadows in Yosemite National Park during the six days outing by the Modesto bicycle enthusiasts. Mike's bike is pictured.

Modesto Youths Scale Five Passes In 437 Mile Cross-Sierra Bike Trip

The youths, Jeff Cowdrey, 17, Tom Woods, 16, Jared Zeff, 19, Eldon Rosenow, 18, Art Wilcox, 19, John Campopiano, 16, Fred Brockman, 17, and Mike Haack, 24, traveled on their bikes six days, camping out at night. Each carried a full pack weighing about 30 pounds and including a bed roll, a small burner, food, extra clothes, a few tools and repair equipment. Woods explained the trip took them over five mountain passes beginning with the Tioga Pass - 9,942 feet - and returning by way of Carson Pass - 8,573 feet. The other passes were Conway - 8,130 feet - Devil's Gate - 7,519 feet - and Monitor - 8,314 feet.

One Turns Back

All of the youths completed the trip except Zeff, who returned after two days. Brockman's derallleur gear on his bicycle broke just after the group entered Yosemite National Park, but, with Zeff returning, a swap was made and Fred continued the journey with Jared's bike. This was Zeff's first ride with the youths, who last year made a similar trip of 389 miles. The remaining seven cyclists experienced little difficulty the rest of the journey although the headlight on Woods' bike fell into the wheel as he started down Tioga Pass and he had to replace several spokes from his reserve supply. Campopiano's bike suffered a broken chain soon after the young men had passed the summit of Monitor Pass. 'It was easy to repair, though, and we soon were on our way again," the cyclist declared. Haack, Zeff and Wilcox belong to the Macht Schnell cycle Club, an outgrowth of a now defunct Young Men's Christian Association club in Modesto. Its name means "hurry up" in German. Woods, Cowdrey, Rosenow, Campopiano and Brockman are members of the Modesto Roadmen, a bicycle club which promoted yesterday's second annual Tour De Graceada bicycle races. Cowdrey was sixth in the junior competition and Woods placed 10th.

Eldon Rosenow, left and Jeff Cowdrey check their gear during a stop at a Sierra Club camp in Tuolumne Meadows, as they ready for another day of cycling.