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Posed Pictures of the Modesto Roadmen, taken in June of 1967

by David Steffen

In June of 1967, just before graduating High School and leaving for my summer in Europe, I loaded up my Instamatic 250 with black and white film, grabbed whomever was hanging out with me, and posed some pictures. I think this took place over more than one day. The "loaded" touring bikes were a fake, nobody was going anywhere, we just threw some stuff on the rack to make it look like a tour. Not everyone happened to have their own bike with them, some people posed with a borrowed bike.

Of course there was the usual adolescent posturing, everyone was trying to show how cool they were by acting goofy, but nonetheless, I think these are some great pictures showing what people looked like in the way that a fuzzy race picture taken at a distance cannot.

In my opinion, it is well worth clicking on these pictures to see detail that is missing from the low-resolution thumbnails.

Jeff Cowdrey, on his own bike, I think, pretending to be ready for a tour.

Tom Woods, looking goofy. Note the leather strip helmet that we all wore "back in the day" (but only when racing.) I still prefer this style of glove to what is available today. Tom is posing on my Peugeot PX10.

Picture of Tom, similar to the previous one.

Closeup of Gary Combs.

Tom sprinting on my Peugeot.

Gary, mock-packed for a tour.

Jeff Cowdrey and Tom Wood. We only had my set of gloves, hat, and helmet, so Jeff is wearing them in this picture. Tom is still on my Peugeot, I think this is Jeff's own bike, a lower level Frejus, if memory serves.

Gary and Jeff, riding.

Fred Brockman, pretending to sprint, on his own bike, a Schwinn Super Sport.

Closeup of Fred.

Closeup of Tom.

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