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Nevada City Bike Race,
June 18, 1967

by David Steffen

The Nevada City Father's Day Bike Race has been held every year from 1961 to the present. Their website contains a history of this wonderful race. As best I can tell from the pictures, there were three Modesto Roadmen participating in 1967, Jeff Cowdrey and David Steffen as Juniors, and Eldon Rosenow as a Senior. This was the last race David rode as a Junior before leaving for a bicycle tour of Europe that summer. I don't know what other races the Roadmen participated in that summer, but I do know they rode a Mountain Loop.

The start of the Junior race. David Steffen is in the center of the picture, third from the right.

Jeff Cowdrey is partially obscured mid-picture with the telephone pole growing out of his back. David is two riders behind him, leading a sub-group.

Closeup of David struggling up a hill.

Left to right, David and Jeff are still with the pack at the far left of the picture.

David, third rider from the right, still with the pack.

Aw, heck! David got dropped.

David has now picked up another straggler.

We now switch from the Junior to the Senior race. This is the senior pack crossing the start/finish line near the beginning of the race.

This is our Senior participant, Eldon Rosenow, racing along.

This is Bob Parsons winning the Nevada City Bike Race for the fifth year in a row. Nobody else has ever won this race that many times, let alone sequentially. The following year, this amazing streak was broken by David Brink.

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