Most of these pictures were processed in June of 1967, the actual race could have taken place any time prior to that. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Lindsay Bicycle Race, 1967

by David Steffen

From a Roadmen perspective, there were many unique features to this race:

  1. Many non-racers in the club attended to cheer the racers on.
  2. We participated in both the Junior and Senior events.
  3. We had a lot of pictures from this event. We had at least two photographers, one shooting 35mm film, the other shooting 126 film.
  4. All the pictures were black and white.

Once car that drove to the race. John Campopiano, who did not race, is helping David Steffen, who raced as a junior, pump up his tires before the race.

A second car that drove to the race. Roger Farschon is helping Gary Combs with a somewhat more elaborate tire issue while Karen Mech (left) and Carol Evans (right) look on.

Left to right, Jeff Cowdrey, David Steffen, and Tom Woods, at the starting line, awaiting the start of the Junior race.

The entire junior field, ready to start. Another starting line picture. Unique to this one is Roger Farschon sitting on the curb with the white cowboy hat. The man in the grey sweater and hat, standing in front of the cyclists, may be Gary Fisher's father. (Yes, that Gary Fisher.) To the left, between Mr. Fisher and Roger is Fred Brockman (standing, in a white T-shirt.)

This picture from the back shows our numbers. From left to right is Jeff, number 78, Tom, number 85, and David, number 77. (David is only visible if you click on the thumbnail to see the original picture.)

The leader of the race, at the microphone wearing a cowboy had, about to start the race. See also the Lindsay's City Hall.

Our two Senior riders, Gary Johnson and Gary Combs,watching the Juniors race.

Junior race, two riders trying to go off the front. David is working to close the gap. Tom can be seen in the pack behind.

Jeff, number 78, racing along.

Tom, off the left side of the picture, and David, entering the picture from the right.

David, maybe contesting a sprint prime?

After the end of the Junior race. The three people in Roadmen jerseys seen from the back are David, John, and Jeff. To the right of Jeff is Tom. Between John and Jeff, in a white T-shirt, is Fred. The woman holding a jacket seems to be associated with our club, but I am not sure who she is. Behind her, partially obscured, is Roger.

Our two Senior riders, Gary Combs (in a generic white jersey) and Gary Johnson (in a roadmen jersey.)

The two Gary's at the starting line, waiting for the Senior race to start.

Gary Combs, racing.

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