These pictures were processed in June of 1967, based on how people are dressed, the ride probably took place some time before that. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Social Ride, 1967

by David Steffen

Everything I know about this ride comes from these pictures. It appears to have happened early in 1967. It was a social ride. Apparently we put the bikes in cars and trailers and drove to the start of the ride.


Apparently, there was a heated discussion at the start of the ride. Does anyone remember what it was about?

The girls on the ride having a pre-ride conference.

Theressa Tipp. This picture seems out of order, but there was no way to rationalize the numbering on the photos to fix that. Thus, I am going to assume this was taken at the start before we started loading bikes.

Left to right, unknown person, Stacy Dull, John Campopiano, Cindy Leighton, Gary Combs, and Eldon Rosenow.

Loading bikes onto a trailer so we could drive to the beginning of the ride. Left to right, Jeff Cowdrey (in the red beret), Fred Brockman (standing above), John Campopiano (in the rear) and Cindy Leighton (from the back.)

Neil Johnson (holding the bike) and Eldon Rosenow.

Elizabeth Davis riding a three speed (unusual for our group) and Theresa Tipp.

Theresa Tipp.

Cindy Leighton

Karen Mech

Neil Johnson

Elizabeth Davis, Stacy Dull(?) and Fred Brockman(?)

A victory salute by John Campopiano(?)

Roger Farschon, unknown rider, John Campopiano (drinking from his water bottle).

Karen Mech

The first at five attempts to take a group picture. This attempt was by David Steffen.

Left to right, Fred Brockman, two unknown riders (one adult, one a child), Neil Johnson, Rob Rosenow (turned sideways), Stacy Dull (making peace sign with his fingers), Unknown Rider, Theresa Tipp (in dark sweater), Tom Woods (with the sunglasses), John Campopiano (plaid shirt), Jeff Cowdrey (holding his red beret), Gary Combs (in back, partly obscured), Cindy Leighton, Elizabeth Davis, Karen Mech, Eldon Rosenow, Carol Emery.

Try three, out of focus.

Try four, Jeff is chewing his fingernails off.

Fifth and final try. Finally, a good one, destined to be the first picture one sees when one visits the Modesto Roadmen website. Notice who is now in the picture, and who is in the picture no longer. Clue: Jeff took this one.

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