These pictures were processed in November of 1966. Based on the date of processing of other pictures before an after this for which the date of the event was known, we are estimating that this event most likely occurred in August. Click on any picture to see it at full size. Click on the Modesto Roadmen icon to the left to return to the home page, or on this link to return to the list of pictures.

Fun Ride, August 1966

The group starting out on the ride. The only person we can identify in this picture is the second in line, at the center of the picture, Paul Robinson. The very young rider who is first in line is a clue that this is a fun ride, not a long distance or training ride.

The two riders at the right of the picture, from left to right, are Neil Johnson and Tom Woods.

Neil Johnson, repairing a flat tire. Hey you modern punks, check out the sew-ups!

Fred Brockman, who we believe is wearing a Modesto Roadmen T-shirt.

As we often did, we are taking a break at a local store along the way for soft drinks and snacks. At the bottom left is Jeff Cowdrey, wearing the then-popular in the club red beret, checking out a bike. In the back, near the center, drinking from a water bottle, is Fred Brockman. Some of the other people look familiar, but we have yet to associate them with a name.

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