All dates are dates that the pictures were processed, rides could have been any time earlier than that. Click on any picture to see it at full size.

Bicycle Race, Redwood City, 1966

Description of a Bike Race. In Redwood City? Some time before July in 1966?

by David Steffen

These pictures were taken from much too far away. It is extremely difficult to impossible to identify riders, but I have done so based on vague clues and intuition. The first two thumbnails are cropped and presented at 50% of the scanned size, the last three at 100% of the scanned size.

Jeff Cowdrey is the second rider from the front in this picture. There is actually another rider ahead of this group which can been seen in the uncropped picture.

Paul Robinson, leading the pack.

David Steffen. Why is he all by himself? I would say he had been dropped except he is back in the pack in the next two pictures.

Jeff and David are now riding together.

Jeff and David still together.