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Snelling Ride, February 1966

Description of the Ill-Fated Snelling Ride

by Paul Robinson

Jeff Cowdrey, Paul Robinson, and David Steffen planned to ride from Modesto past Turlock lake to Don Pedro reservoir. There was a mapping error while at La Grange and they errantly went to Snelling. They then returned to La Grange, then went to the Don Pedro, then back to Turlock lake and home. Paul remembers collapsing on people's lawns on Hatch Rd. This was not by design, but as it happened, this is the first Century (100+ mile) ride the Modesto Roadmen ever did. This was one of the most brutal rides the Roadmen ever took.Notice the down jackets, it's cold in February.

The three of us posing in front of the driveway gate to David's family's house. At some point, some of the Roadmen took to wearing a red beret. David never did, I don't know why not. Instead, David wore a conventional red cycling cap. Back in those days, modern plastic helmets had yet to be invented, and the only time we wore the leather helmet "of the day" was while racing. I wonder who took the picture?

Paul riding along. I'm guessing Jeff took the picture.

David Steffen riding along. Again, probably Jeff is the photographer.

We used to like to stop at convenience stores along the way and snack, and that is what Paul and David are doing.

Here we are in Snelling, a small town indeed. (Note the population on the city limits sign.) At last, Jeff appears in a picture. I guess David took this one.

Paul and David on the ride back home, Jeff was the photographer.

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