The date printed on the prints was Jan66, the ride could have been any time earlier than that. The pictures are ordered based on the number on the negative. Click on any picture to see it at full size. Click on the Modesto Roadmen icon to the left to return to the home page, or on this link to return to the list of pictures.

Fun Ride, January 1966

This was a fun ride with all our members, serious riders and casual riders together. Although it a flat ride from Modesto out to Riverdale, it was extremely windy that day as evidenced by the huge driftweed in one of the pictures. The winds were so severe they caused some of our more casual riders to get off and walk. I seem to remember that some of the High School teachers may have asked us to organize this for the school, so this may not have been a pure Modesto Roadmen ride. If that was true, some of the students on this ride turned into members and rode with us regularly.

Group before departure. Robert Jackson: Downey High Government teacher and Chess Club Coach, unknown rider 1, unknown rider 2, Cindy Leighton, Henry Laws, Jean Hannah: Downey High German teacher, Neil Johnson, Paul Robinson, Jeff Cowdrey, Roger Farschon, Eldon Rosenow, and unknown Downey High teacher.

Henry Laws, riding his tandem without a partner.

Three riders who found the headwind too much, walking their bikes.

Bikes parked against some building.

Eldon Rosenow is the member cut off by the left side of the picture, Cindy Leighton on her bike next to the tumbleweed.

Paul Robinson, changing a flat tire. (The picture is staged for comedic effect.) Jeff Cowdrey, Paul Robinson, Neil Johnson, Eldon Rosenow.

Resting at a Riverdale park.

The unknown Downey teacher, fighting the headwind.

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