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by David Steffen

None of these pictures justify being in its own set either because there are only one or two that go together or because I have no idea what event they record. Dates and anything I know are in the individual captions.

I heavily cropped this set of pictures to make the thumbs as meaningful as possible. That means a lot of context was lost and thus it is well worth clicking through to the full size images.

Back in late 1966, my family took a day trip (by car) to Yosemite National Park, and my fellow Modesto Roadman, Eldon Rosenow, came along and he brought his bike to do day rides in the park. Because this was the end of the season, Yosemite Falls, normally a lethal torrent, was completely dry. The point of this picture, which you have to click through to appreciate, is that Eldon is standing on his bike at the place where the falls normally comes crashing down.

I believe this and the next picture come from a 1967 bike race held in Santa Rosa. This picture shows Eldon racing in the pack.

Similar to the above, showing David Steffen.

From left to right, Stacy Dull, someone I don't know, Jon Campopiano, and David Steffen. This could be before or after the race. I don't know what race it is, but for some reason think it was a criterium in one of the town on the San Francisco Bay peninsula. David appears to be ready to race, Stacy and John may have been there as spectators.

Jeff Cowdrey, David Steffen, and Tom Woods (left to right) in our Modesto Roadmen jerseys with their characteristic vertical stripe, waiting to start a race whose identity I cannot remember.

Same race as the above, now underway. David is at the far right, Jeff is third from the left, partially obscured.

A tour? Apparently I only still have two slides from this roll of film, which was processed in December of 1967. The touring Hetchins I purchased for my 1967 summer tour of Europe is here in full touring mode, which means I was on this trip and it appears it was a tour. Fred Brockman is in the next picture with stuff on the back of his bike, so it appears he was there as well. Where? When? Who else?

Fred Brockman on the same magical mystery tour as the previous picture.

Back row (standing): Jeff Cowdrey, Tom Woods, Eldon Rosenow, Paul Robinson, and Alex Haley. Front row (sitting): David Steffen. Tom, Eldon, Paul, and Alex are holding trophies won at a local bike race. David crashed during the race and did not finish, so he is holding the repair tag for his damaged bike. Photo taken in David's back yard circa 1966.

Taken at the 1966 Lindsay Bike Race. I actually have 12 pictures from this race, but this is the only one worth looking at. This is before the start of the race, and is one of the first races in which the Modesto Roadmen competed.

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